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About Scanning / Digital Imaging
& Scan on Demand

With today's technology, going paperless is more feasible and affordable then ever. Using Document Management Solutions scanning and digital imaging service can provide you with cost effective alternatives to paper storage thus allowing you to search your documents easier and faster.

Your scanned documents can be stored electronically at a fraction of the cost of hard copy storage.

  • Scanning single sided or duplex
  • Each paged scanned and re collated in its original form
  • Page sizes can very from a 2 X 2 up to 11 X 17
  • We scan in many popular formats including PDF, TIFF and JPEG in black and white or color with OCR capabilities
  • Digital Files are produced in single or multi page format
  • Digital Files / folders are indexed to meet your specifications
  • Digital Files are returned to you using your choice of media


You are up against a dead line, you need information that is in storage, and your patient is coming for an emergency

No problem, you can have the file or folder you need in matter of minutes scanned and posted on the web. With scan on demand you can access any document stored with us in matter of minutes, you can print copy download your files securely with user ID and Password all this without making a phone call and save delivery charges.

Retrieve the information you need with your existing web browser at a click of a mouse.

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